Let's Hatch Chicks!

Let's Hatch Chicks!
Explore the Wonderful World of Chickens and Eggs
Published by Young Voyageur Press
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Introduce children to the life cycle of chickens from egg, to hatching, and beyond with Let's Hatch Chicks!. Author Lisa Steele, of Fresh Eggs Daily, shows the entire process in kid friendly terms.

In this book you’ll meet Violet, a plucky and fun-loving chicken. Violet has an exciting secret to share with you: she’s ready to be a mom! 
Join Violet as she keeps her eggs warm and protects them from danger. See what happens each week as the chick grows inside the egg. And when the new chicks arrive, that's when the fun begins again! These baby chickens need a lot of help to get along in the big world. They will need food, a new home, and sometimes a little help from mama hen.

Author Lisa Steele presents the exciting world of chickens in an easy-to-understand, kid friendly way with action-packed illustrations, a useful glossary, and fun chicken facts! Steele runs the very popular chicken-keeping blog, Fresh Eggs Daily, and also hosts a TV show on a PBS affiliate in Maine.

48 pages | January 9, 2018
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